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Davey Dee (Dave Descenzo)

Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, Sound Engineer

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Based in Deltona, Florida, and available in the central Florida area.

Nearly forty years of experience performing in Michigan and Florida since 1985. I'm currently the lead guitarist and male vocalist (lead and harmony) for Rational Cats (based out of Lake Helen, FL), as well as for Coot Creek Revival (based out of DeLand, FL).

I have a large repertoire of rock, country, blues, R&B and pop songs that span from circa 1950s to present.

In addition to performing I have extensive experience as a sound engineer, both in small, intimate venues, and large outdoors ones. For large venues I own and can provide sound systems that can match most large indoor or outdoor venues.

If you need a fill in guitarist wirh vocals or a sound engineer email me or call me at (386) 561-9477 and I will respond quickly.

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